Kosmerika Organika©

Erika Chavez - Kosmerika Organika

I am very excited to announce the first product of my handcrafted organic beauty products line: Kosmerika Organika ©. A natural skincare recipe used generations before the industrialization of beauty products.

Now after some generations in my family, the secret was revealed to me and of course, with my new knowledge about essential oils benefits, I have been capable of enriching this beautiful formula.

My desire is that like me, you can also delight in the adventure of improving your skin appearance by keeping it young, healthy and radiant. Whether you are young or are experiencing the effects of age, you will love this natural skincare product.

Leave behind the paradigms of what you thought was better for your health and skincare. Do not fall for marketing propaganda from big corporations that use harsh chemicals in their products. It’s time to go back to a natural and healthier way of skin care.

Please don’t hesitate to write if you have any questions, I can’t wait to hear your amazing testimonials.

Your friend,

Erika Chavez